Spider veins of the legs are red, blue or purple veins known as telengiactasias that result from sun exposure, use of hormones, the natural aging process or heredity.  Cherry hemangiomas, are benign, bright red pinhead or larger papules that often spot our skin as we age.  Both spider veins and cherry hemangiomas are treatable with cosmetic lasers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Spider Vein Treatment


How does a laser treat spider veins?
A beam of laser light delivers a prescribed dose of energy to the spider veins thus coagulating the problem veins while sparing the surrounding tissue.  After the treatment, the vessel slowly and naturally disappears.

How many treatments are necessary?
In most cases one to three treatments performed at eight weeks intervals.

How long is the treatment?
The treatment takes about 15 to 30 minutes depending on the number and size of the vessels to be treated.

When can I resume normal activities?
Although we encourage you to resume normal activities almost immediately, we do ask that you refrain from vigorous exercise and avoid hot tubs for 24 hours post treatment.  Also, avoid direct sun exposure after treatment, and when you do go into the sun, protect the treated area with a minimum SPF 30 sunscreen.

Does the treatment hurt?
There is some minor discomfort associated with the treatment.  Most patients describe the sensation of the laser as a rubber band snap to the skin.  We use an air cooling device to reduce the discomfort during the treatment.