When You Need to get an STD Check

I wanted to clarify what tests I order if you request a Sexually Transmitted Disease screen at my office.  I typically recommend that you have a screen before you become sexually involved with a new partner, so that you will be able to have a hard copy of your results and your partner should also share their results with you before the first sexual encounter.  I also recommend that you get screened if you, or your current partner has been involved sexually with someone outside of your otherwise monogamous relationship.   Some of my patients desire testing on a regular basis, for example, at their annual exams.

Generally, my testing includes a cervical swab check for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia, a slide test for Trichomonas infection, and blood laboratory testing (done either at a hospital or Quest or LabCorp) for HIV, Syphylis, Hepatitis B and C, and Herpes.  I usually tailor these tests for your specific concerns and medical history.

Some of you may have heard that the US Preventative Task Force has recently (August 2016) announced that they recommend against testing asymptomatic patients, both pregnant and nonpregnant.  I disagree with their guideline, and will continue to offer complete testing if you request that everything we know of be tested.