My SculpSure Experience


What did the treatment feel like?

I can honestly tell you that procedure is tolerable.  I would describe the abdominal treatment sensation as being like menstrual cramps.  I found the abdominal treatment more intense than the flanks.  On my second treatment I was able to tolerate higher settings of the laser on both my abdomen and flanks. 

Does it work?

See for yourself.  Below are unretouched photos of my husband and me 10 weeks after our second treatments.  I did 2 treatments on each abdomen and flanks.  My husband did one treatment on his abdomen and one on his flanks.  Our weights in these photos are unchanged.  I am a 27 BMI while my husband is a 22 BMI.  Cynosure, the company who makes this laser, suggests that the ideal candidate is no more than 30 BMI.

Overall I have noticed that my pants and skirts fit better.  Some of the jeans that I haven’t worn for a while because they were too snug in the waist now fit me again.  Note that the laser is not treating excess skin or cellulite. It does not make you lose weight; it just kills fat cells in targeted areas.   So, you’ll notice in my photos that as I’ve lost fat cells in my belly area, my skin becomes baggier since there are less fat cells to support it.  Personally, I can live with the baggier skin because who else is going to see it?  That is, besides all of you who are looking at this website!  No one will become a super model from SculpSure laser treatments.  Personally my goal was to flatten my belly out a bit and have a more defined waistline.  And, I think I have achieved that.

If you are looking for more exaggerated results, this laser procedure will not achieve those goals for you and you will be disappointed.  Liposuction and tummy tuck perhaps are a better option.  SculpSure offers more subtle results and is ideal for the person who wants to minimize downtime.

If you like what I've written and shown you here, and you want to learn more about SculpSure and whether or not you are a candidate, contact me at 618 236-7555.