How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

Dr O'Young's Laser Hair Removal Prices:

Underarms                               $125/tx

Lip                                              $99/tx

Chin                                           $125/tx

Lip & Chin                                 $150/tx

Legs (upper or lower)             $299/tx

Full Legs and Feet                   $499/tx

Full Back and Shoulders         $499/tx

Prices quoted are for single treatments.  You’ll need on average 6-8 consecutive treatments every 4-6 weeks to be initially treated.  Touch ups may be needed months or years later.  Packages of buy 4 get 5 are available if you pay up front at the first visit.  On the 6th treatment of that body area, that area becomes half price forever in my office.

Example:  Underarms-  Package of 5 purchased at 1st visit = $500/pkg.  On 6th underarm treatment and all later underarm treatments, price is $62.50

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